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Updated on: September 29, 2009.

Quendy's BadGirl Fashion Party, album created on September 29, 2009

Quendy's Sexy Club Fasion Party @ Quendy's The Hague sweeet notty BadGirls

Freedom Festival Rotterdam [fight + shooting], album created on May  5, 2009

Het was rond 10 u s'avonds in de flauwe regen, tijdens de set van dj Joris Voorn op het Bevrijdings Festival R'dam 2009, lekkere muziek, nog druk & heel gezellig. Er was al langer, rond 5 minuten een vechtpartij gaande, [rechts aan de zijkant voor het podium] De veel te trage, aangesnelde politie maakte een inschattingsfout, door ieder1 [dus ook mensen die er niets mee te maken hadden!] weg te knuppelen. Zelfs toen de plek bijna leeg was werd er nog steeds onnodig hardhandig [waarschijnlijk door…

Candy Team, album created on January 25, 2009

Dj L Chico's notorious Candy Team parties Amsterdam

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Where's the Respect on ipy? - 9 years ago

just 2 sad, since a while i checked some 'girl groups' again after some groups i found out almost all of them also admit 'hunting shyte' so now they look like friggin spyshot groups! hhmmpffft what happend here on ipy, where's the respect?! :(( i really hope the concerning admins change the rules & ban spyshots let those reallife lurkers post in their own groups..

Abstract - Arty, album created on October  4, 2007

my pix with an arty, abstract & or graphic feel 2 it often macro's / close ups 2 begin

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Zek Charles Ramgian
Zek Charles Ramgian
Hi , thanks for the visit = )
10 years ago.
HOOOOLA que tal estas?? gracias por pasar a visitarme a mi esspacio.
10 years ago.
Bedankt voor uw bezoek! :-) Groetjes uit Zwitserland!
10 years ago.
August Wieselmayer
August Wieselmayer
Dear Pat,

you will ever be welcome if you behave in a manner, everybody can feel well with.

Swearing at others is not the way I would have it here in a discussion!

11 years ago.
well, guess i have 2 refrase..

i felt welcum, until i just found out a rightful discussion i started

in a group about rules being violated

got edited by a moderator, cuz he didn't liked my words!

WTF?! what about a discussion?

man he really left me flabbergasted


i'll get more in2 this l8r..
11 years ago.

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