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Updated on: January  3, 2011.

Rock Art sketches, album created on January  3, 2011

The original pastel sketches that form the basis for my digital prints in the Inspired by Rock Art gallery

Inspired by Rock Art, album created on January  3, 2011

A set of digital prints inspired by the abstract geometric shapes and patterns that typify the rock art of Northern England and Scotland. Most of these incorporate scans of pastel sketches using motifs from these rock carvings. Some of them are to be reworked again using a combination of media including silk screen and collagraph.

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Inspired by Rock Art - 10 years ago

I realised I hadn't been here for 9 months - longer in terms of blogging, so I have posted a batch of new images, all based on the Rock Art found in Northumberland. The gallery 'Rock Art Sketches' shows the original pastel sketches, while the gallery 'Inspired by Rock Art' shows the digital prints made from those sketches. The digital prints will soon be reworked further into a set of 'handpulled prints' incorporating silk screen, collagraph and other print forms. I'm considering selling the…

  • War artists in Afghanistan and Iraq

    - October 23, 2009
    I've just found two slide shows on the BBC web site showing work by two British war artists in Afghanistan and Iraq. Matthew Cook - Arabella Dorman - Even without considering the circumstances in which this work was done, they would be excellent, but the context makes them even more important. To see why look at the portrait about 55 secs into Arabella Dorman's slide show.

  • New on Etsy

    - June 16, 2009
    Because Etsy's approach to SEO seems suspect at best, I'm going to post here every time I add something to my Etsy shop (as well as on Facebook / Twitter etc). That way I have a fighting chance of Google finding my listing... So - here are the last three (I'll be adding links to my 'back catalogue' over time too): Lonely Crowd Send in the Clones Faces in the crowd

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Lea d'ipernity brendadada John Grey widderson


Thank you Sako.

Dankon Sako.
12 years ago.
has replied to brendadada
I simply used the tool in PS Elements - nothing fancy. I found it best to emphasise the blockiness - a la Hockney - rather than pretend it was one picture.
13 years ago.
Looking good in here, Ian.

It's raining bigtime again ooop north so we have yet another interesting day on tinternet. I like your composites, must do some more, my skills aren't good enough to show stuff yet, but hope eternal. :)
13 years ago.

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