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Updated on: November  5, 2014.
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God is not the answer, it is the question - 11 years ago

I am reading a very nice book about Zen by Taisen Deshimaru. It starts with this story: Someone wrote on a wall of a US university of positive sciences: "God is dead - Nietzsche". And after some time, somebody added below: "Nietzsche is dead - God". I liked it very much because in addition to be funny it summarizes very well some recent thoughts I had regarding religion. More specifically, I think that there is an interesting misunderstanding related to the notion of God. Many people se…

  • Let the shy ones be heard!

    - March  1, 2009
    A few days ago I was passing by a bar on Parmentier avenue, in Paris, and there was a nice band playing live. Their name is Falak. Check . If you ever visit Paris, this bar is a cool small place to listen to live music in a friendly environment: (they have live shows every Tuesday and Thursday) To make the story short, the energy of the place was very warm and "attractive". So, with my…

  • Army stories (2): The first day

    - November 16, 2008
    So, what was I saying? Yes, the army experience. I must finish with this topic because I have new things to say about my latest trips to Shanghai and Napoli. I was checking some notes that I took one day about what I shouldn't forget after the army. Most of them where about incentives and how the army achieves its so difficult objective: to turn normal people into heros that are ready to throw themselves in the battlefield when ordered to do so. From my experience, the key for this to hap…

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Χρονια πολλά και πάλι :-)
Πώς περνάν τα χρόνια...
Χαιρετίσματα από Ελλάδα.
10 years ago.
 Voyageur Oriental
Voyageur Oriental
Selam Komşu!
10 years ago.
Χρόνια πολλά! :-) Άντε μας έφερες την άνοιξη!!!
11 years ago.
 Sylvie Coeffic
Sylvie Coeffic club
Great pictures of landscape! :-)
12 years ago.
καλώς και το Παναγιώτη ;-)
13 years ago.

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