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Updated on: April 30, 2014.

High Teasing, album created on May 21, 2013


Happy Birdy, album created on May 19, 2013

Urban Birds

ChillIing, album created on May 25, 2013

Same photo + different textures = complete different image and mood This set is made using some of Joes Sitah wonderful backgrounds and textures mixed with my photos and textures

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Nature Denaturalized - 10 years ago

I have just realised that my set Denaturalised ( ) is crowded with text, in a good way. It has a nice discussion on Photography, and on the set itself. Most part of this discussion took place around the same set when posted in Flicker a few years ago and later in Ipernity. My Fliky site is no longer active, just a private place until I decide the contrary. However, the text is still interesting per se, and relevant for my set. Therefore, I have copied here the intro and discussion your convenience, and mine!

  • Paths to the Future - 1

    - February 13, 2010
    Another series of blog entries. A big yaiiii! I don’t want to discover the Mediterranean but to discuss a matter that fascinates me, and that affects all of us. I’m not in a rush as I’m very busy, but if the entry creates a dialogue, I will come to Iper more often. I hope you, the reader, the passer by, the curious mind, take a few seconds to participate. Your opinion matters and is very relevant here! These are very personal questions. There is no right or wrong answer, just what you feel, think or envision, whatever it might be. Please, don't go to the dictionary to get a definition, as this is entry is not to define the future, but to talk about it. If you have friends or family members who want to contribute through you, feel free to mention their answers, too. Thanksies like pansies.

  • About Colour III – Ray Cesar

    - April 12, 2009
    One of my first entries in this blog was about my interest in colour and especially in artists that break the mould and do something that sets them apart from others. Those artists who give a step forward from the mainstream aesthetics and use strong colours to show darkness, which is not the norm among dark artists at present . One of my favourite digital artists does just that. He’s a dark artist despite his images being very colourful. His characters are all very pale, children or chi…

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