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Updated on: December  7, 2015.

#เป็นไท58 (#pentai58) 2015, album created on December  5, 2015

Photo project @ ‪#‎memo0515‬ Photo Exhibition, Angkrit Gallery, Chiang Rai, Thailand. 7 October - 17 November 2015 Video :

In memories: Abbeyside 2013, album created on December  5, 2015

While in Ireland, there was one place that I often went to because it was close to where I was staying. The ancient Abbeyside Church was built on the coast and is surrounded by sandy beach and grasslands. It is beautiful, peaceful, and alive…I am not able to fully describe it. I simply want to remember the time there and connect with it again.

Inspiration in Chiang Mai 2009 – 2014, album created on December  5, 2015

I enjoyed wandering the streets, watching and taking photos of people’s lives. These lively pictures I captured contain lines, colors, light and shadow, stories and beauty created by their daily lives.

photo worshop in vietnam/brekfast

8-18 febuary 2008 - See all videos
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#เป็นไท58 (pentai58) Photo project - 22 months ago

#เป็นไท58 (pentai58) Photo project @ #memo0515, A Photography Exhibition by Tinnakorn Nukul at Angkrit Gallery Chiang Rai, Thailand, 17 October-7 November 2015. By Anthony Irwin PhD Candidate, Fulbright Scholar Languages and Cultures of Asia University of Wisconsin-Madison For the interactive portion of the exhibition, Tinnakorn has ventured into the realm of relational aesthetics to create photobooth project. This photobooth project depends on the ubiquity of digital image-mak…

About Tinnakorn Nukul

44 years old. Born on March  1, 1973.

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