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Updated on: February 14, 2008.
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The Photographers Lounge - Yosoynacho - 8 years ago

At the age of sixteen, one day, I discovered an old book in my grandfather’s room... A black and white book full of images, nothing to read, only to see... people, cars, children playing… streets!!! I liked what I saw; a William Klein book, I think... and, in that moment I promised me that one day I’ll do that... I started shooting the family members, friends, sunsets... you know. read the full interview

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Place of residence: Kirikiriroa, New Zealand

18 years old. Born on August  9, 1999.

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ndiginiz has replied to ِِِ
Hi Motaz.
My apologies for not being around to help with the B&W group. I maintain very little presence here at Ipernity now as I have been doing what I had set out to do in 2007/2008 everything must change

Feel free to demote from administrator to a member if Fabiana and yourself deem it necessary. I'd like to remain a member of the group as it would give me a place to peruse and absorb some inspiring b&w photography.

I hope the initial start to 2009 has been good to you and the remainder be just as good.
8 years ago.
Welcome back !!!
9 years ago.
Thanks for your comments!!! Your pictures are great!
9 years ago.
Thank you for your comments ... there are nice and helpful! Hope to hear and see more from you!
9 years ago.
Green Eyez
Green Eyez
wow, you got some amzing photos!!!! i love black and white. you are welcome to pass on my page anytime. tell me what you think about my b&w shots. have a nice day!
9 years ago.

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