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Updated on: May  1, 2013.

My Pythons, album created on August 14, 2011

i have a small collection of stunning captive bread Morelia Pythons for a small designer snake breeding program im starting and here are some of my animals Enjoy snakes included are, 1 Darwin Pythons, Het and Albino forms 2 Jungle Pythons, Black & White,Black & Gold 3 Jaguar Python morphs 4 Murray Darling Pythons 5 Coastal Pythons

My personal Favs, album created on July  2, 2009

My personal Favs are all in this gallery.

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IBD/Sunshine Virus? - 3 years ago

The virus, previously not thought to infect snakes at all, appears to cause "inclusion body disease." Long the bane of zoo officials and exotic pet owners, the deadly illness spreads among boas and pythons in captivity, causing micro clumps of clustered proteins to form inside the snake, leading to bacterial infections, neurological problems, anorexia and withering, leading to death. Surprisingly, he said, the cause of the illness appears to be a completely new set of viruses of a type known…

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Felicitasl Lopez
Felicitasl Lopez
Greeting My name Felicitas.I saw your profile today and I became interested in you and I will like to know more about you and if you can mail an email to my mail address ( I will give you my picture. Here is my mail address I hope we can move from here. above Felicitas
7 months ago.
Attilio Liotto
Attilio Liotto
Estas nun naskiĝanta LIDEPLA, la prototipo de la futura lingvo de la mondo.
Helpu kultivi ĝin per viaj preferataj vortoj, esprimoj, kritiko
2 years ago.
Nato Rey
Nato Rey
if your interested in Australian snakes check this site out!
5 years ago.
Nato Rey
Nato Rey
thanks for the concern
im ok im not in the flood areas
5 years ago.
Nato Rey
Nato Rey
thanks everyone for the kind words and wishes for the new year, im currently without steady Internet so im unable to upload much and unable to go to many people pages, so thanks to all have a great new year be safe and be good, if you cant be good, dont get caught :)
6 years ago.

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