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Updated on: February 21, 2015.

S4E2: Chocolate and Vanilla, album created on December 21, 2014

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S4E1: Vicious Visions, album created on November 11, 2014

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French Decorating (minisode), album created on November  9, 2014

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Falling Behind, Help Needed - 4 years ago

Hi everyone, This is for those of you who like my doll story, The Life and Tales of Elliot Crane. I'm falling behind my storytelling schedule again, and I feel extremely sad about it. I knew it was going to happen at some point, but I didn't expect it to happen after just two episodes of the new season. After all, I had written the first eight episodes before even starting to 'film' the first two episodes. I decided to add episodes in the middle, and it messed up my schedule. I have only just…

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Alina Orlicka
Alina Orlicka
Your S4E2: Chocolate and Vanilla, is beautiful story!
2 years ago.
De Ome Bertus Memoires
De Ome Bertus Memoir…
Hello Finland, how nice to meet you
2 years ago.
Jacko De Baviaan
Jacko De Baviaan
Hi there, do blond girls have more fun ...? big hugs from Jacko .....
2 years ago.
Jacko De Baviaan
Jacko De Baviaan
Thankx, you're welcome, love your pictures
2 years ago.
Jacko De Baviaan
Jacko De Baviaan
hello Dolls, how nice to meet you ..!
3 years ago.

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