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Updated on: October 18, 2011.

Cuba en Nigrán, album created on November 11, 2010

Enchilada de camarones, picadillo habanero, congrí, plátano frito.

Pazo de Oca céltico, album created on November 11, 2010

Visita musical con Luis Felipe e Dilma

Manifestación indignados 15 0 en Vigo

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Charles Gonçalves Pinguinho da Gente - Flautist of the People - 6 years ago

Perhaps, when he was born, a good angel that lives in the clouds said "Go Charles - have music in your life". Only this strange parody of the poem by Drummond can explain the phenomenon of Charles Gonçalves, a poor boy from the outskirts of São Paulo who plays by ear with the excellence of a veteran. The story of his first recording began with a conversation with Luis Nassif who invited me to hear 'The genius of the Flute'. My curiosity was enhanced when I found o…

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Adrián Caldera Xose Ramon Lea d'ipernity


Adrián Caldera
Adrián Caldera
Saludos amigo, te envio un fuerte abrazo.
8 years ago.
Manuel Meixide
Manuel Meixide
Grazas!. Agora temos que ir corrixindo pequenos erros, espero que non moitos...
9 years ago.

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