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Hanoi 20-22.12.14, album created on September 18, 2016

Ha Long Bay

Sukhothai Ride 28.11.-04.12.14, album created on September  4, 2016

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Siem Reap 21-24.11.14, album created on August  7, 2016

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Résumé - 9 years ago

Ultimately my trip around Australia took me nearly 8 month – exactly 241 days !! On this epic journey I’ve covered 35611kms of which around 8900kms were off road. I covered all kinds of conditions – heat, dust, mud, sand, rain, hail, wind, had a flat and run out of fuel !!! By the way - my average fuel consumption was 5.3 l/100km with an average speed of 73 km/h and the Kati is still going strong Even though it wasn’t always funny, it was definitely an absolute fantastic & enjoyab…

  • Esperance to Melbourne

    - December 27, 2009
    After four days in Esperance it was time to head off and meet with Hugh at Lake Darlot for a mine tour. On my way up north I followed the main roads until Menzies, where I turned on the “Golden Quest Discovery Trail”. The trail passes many sites of this famous gold producing region and runs mostly on gravel roads. My first stop was Lake Ballard, where sculptor A. Gormley has places 51 sculptures in the remote salt lake setting – a truly unreal experience – absolutely worth the trip!! In Leonora…

  • Perth to Esperance

    - December 26, 2009
    In the end the big country town wasn’t too exciting and after a week I got itchy feet... It was great sitting in the wind again, feeling the annoying vibrations, listening to the DAM sports muffler sound J and leaving Perth’s suburbia behind. After a little while I turned off the main highway and enjoyed a loop to Jarrahdale and the Serpentine Dam before I ended up in Mandurah. The south western part is the only area of WA which isn’t that big and doesn’t require to bridge huge dist…

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Finally - all albums are up to date - have fun...
6 years ago.
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I´m still working through my pics from SA - Enjoy...
7 years ago.
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Happy New Year 2011 from Bangkok :-))
8 years ago.
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Hi all, I just uploaded some pics from my trip to Coober Pedy, earlier this year - I guess the most bizarr area in Australia ;-)) Enjoy...
9 years ago.
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I must admit - it looks a bit like it. Overall its not too bad, but pretty annoying !!! I'd like to concentrate on other, more beautiful things ;-)
10 years ago.

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