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bandit backtories, album created on May 28, 2013

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ethan (baby), album created on July 12, 2013

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T minus... baby!, album created on June  3, 2013

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Photostory Tip: Dialogue Weight - 4 years ago

heavy dialogue is the bane of my existence... though honestly, light dialogue is probably just as much of a pain. much like in comics, dialogue is as much of an artform as your pictures are. if you neglect the dialogue, or treat it as if it's just there , your story will not flow well. it's hard to make sure your dialogue and pictures work well together. eventually it kind of comes naturally, but in the meantime it can take a lot of practice. in a way, you can think of it like dubbing a fore…

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still waiting...
3 years ago.
Finally 2 years passed by and I WANT MY 3 FACEPLATES OF ZOE BACK - NOW!!!
No excuses anymore!!!!!

And again you got mail -_____-


3 years ago.
Teri Berry Perry Wear
Teri Berry Perry Wea…
Haha, I noticed there was a guest book just now! Such interesting features! Hii, rawr! Hope you're feeling well!
4 years ago.
Aine Rosalie
Aine Rosalie
O hai, it's a mendo-page! :D
4 years ago.
It looks a bit like Flickr used to... I think I like it!
4 years ago.

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