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Updated on: August  4, 2013.

Melacacia Custom Blythe Dolls, album created on May 21, 2013

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Recent Photos... ? - 8 years ago

It seems like whenever I come here to see my friend's new photos, it is showing me photos that really aren't that new... Is this just me or are other people having a hard time seeing your contact's most recent photo uploads? I was going to contact Ipernity about this but thought I would ask here first, just in case it is because I am not viewing my friend's photos correctly. Thanks for any input! P.S. There are a lot of us here, yet it seems like we all have a lot less traffic on our s…

  • Freedom

    - May 22, 2013
    As many of you know, my Flickr account was deleted a few years ago without notice. I just logged in one day and it was gone. Years of photos, comments, groups, contacts, just suddenly gone. This was so devestating and extremely shocking. Especially when I found out that it was because someone had reported me for posting pictures of things that I sell. Seriously? Yes, seriously. They deleted my account because someone tattled on me and you know what? I didn't even break their rules! I n…

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Thanks for stopping by! I hope to be able to spend more time on here soon and am excited to get settled in here :) I just love that we are all here!
8 years ago.

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