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Updated on: August 20, 2007.

SOUTHWALL, album created on August 14, 2007

fashion shoot for Southwall magazine

Kish Island, album created on August 14, 2007

pics taken on my trip to Kish Island, Iran

wedding pics, album created on August 12, 2007

Some of my pics when I used to do weddings back in the day...

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And so the story goes.... - 12 years ago

The little and not-so-little ironies of life continue of course to hit each of us with unequal fervor... Strangely enough for today's ironic update, the ancient crush (yes yes china girl!) comes back into the picture with a *bang*!!!! Crushes are funny things. What they are, are unknown patches of feelings that are malignant with unusual staying power. You have no idea how they get there (chances are, you've never spoken to the person before in your life) and you have no clue whatsoever wha…

  • here's to you...

    - August 16, 2007
    I don't know why some days retain their importance long after the reason for them has died. I don't know why some people hold a place in your heart long after their presence in your life diminishes. I dont know why some relationships take you, mould you, shape you, break you and ultimately make you into who you are. My saga was one of those. While it lasted there was lots of everything. Lots of love, lots of fun, lots and lots of laughter, lots of me, lots of her, lots of us. Now - nothing…

  • and so it is...

    - August 14, 2007
    I promised myself a couple of years ago that I'd never let myself feel this mind-numbing soul deep loneliness again. An emptiness that comes hand in hand with loss and broken dreams. The kind of feeling that makes you wish you'd never dreamt those dreams in the first place. Perhaps its not your fate in life to dream. It feels like one day you held the world in the palm of your hand and the next day you have nothing left but ashes and dust. So much for your world.…

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