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Updated on: August 11, 2010.
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The difference between like and love ~! - 8 years ago

The difference between like and love Like a person would be very happy with the time Love one person, together, would be inexplicable sense of loss Like a person, you will not think of your future Love a person, you always look forward to tomorrow with Like a person, the time together is always a joy Love a person, you will always shed tears Like a person, when you long-lost, you suddenly remembered that he Love a person, when you long-lost, you will think of him every day…

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Dima Ŝevĉenko
Dima Ŝevĉenko
Feliĉan Kristnaskon kaj Novjaron!
Nova jaro
Fabelaj mondoj
7 years ago.
ElectronLibre     ......    (°!°)...
ElectronLibre ..…
I'm sure I probably meet you next time I come in Shanghaï.
8 years ago.
Li  Wei
Li Wei has replied to Márcia Wergikosky
Thank you my friend
8 years ago.
Márcia Wergikosky
Márcia Wergikosky
Hi there =)
Greatings from Portugal ;)
Ty 4 your visit*
8 years ago.
Thanks for your visit on my pages! The best greetings of the Switzerland send Zato
8 years ago.

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