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Updated on: September  1, 2013.
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91 years young! - 4 years ago

My Grandad is 91 years young today! I say young as he is so fit and healthy for his age. Grandad takes a walk every morning and can often be found out in his garden digging, sowing and watering the plants. Here you can see Nettle getting a lovely hug at Grandad's birthday barbecue!

365 Days of Nettle, Three times a lady!, album created on May 30, 2013

Nettle embarks on her third year of the 365 Challenge.

Nettle, album created on May 21, 2013

~Primadolly Paris~ Nettle is my first FBL Blythe. She is also the 18th Blythe to join my family. Her birthday is 22nd November 2010. Nettle's nicknames are Nettie and Freckles. I have many plans for Nettle. She will receive a full customization by myself, keeping her own hair though. As I will be customizing her without the super assistance of Cocomicchi, like I had with the twins, I am in no rush to finish her. I will take my time and Nettle will be ready, when she is ready! Nettle has no…

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Your little peeble makes my day !!! I love her adventures very very much, your gallery is a little poetic jewel !!! +++
4 years ago.
EssHaych (Eriko's Emporium)
EssHaych (Eriko's Em…
Hey! Thank you for adding me! Hope you're well <3
4 years ago.

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