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" The Dogon Creational Myths " - 2 years ago

The Dogon beliefs revolve around the structure of the Sirius star system Sirius, the " Dog Star " is one of the closest stars to earth, 8.6 light years distant. The Sirius Mystery: You Don’t Need Columbo For This One Posted on June 18, 2011 [[UPDATE: Talk about good timing! I guess the person who wrote this article, dated today, does need Columbo; –MSH]] I’m hoping my reference to the venerable TV detective doesn’t date me too much here! Way back in 2009 I wrote the only post on this blog about the so-called “Sirius Mystery.” This mystery has to do with how a primitive African tribe, the Dogon, had advanced knowledge of a system of stars that make up what we see with the naked eye as one star — Sirius. My post was brief, directing readers’ attention to another brief, but well done, post on the Bad Archaeology website devoted to the subject, as well as two articles on how the Dogon could have visually seen “beyond” the single star Sirius. (After all, that is the issue — how did they know that naked eye Sirius is actually a cluster of stars?) It doesn’t take much imagination to discern that this is serious (pardon the pun) fodder for ancient astronaut believers. It’s time to revisit the “Sirius Mystery” in a bit more detail. There has been some additional recent work on the subject by anthropologists to which I want to draw your attention. But to make it easier to follow, let’s start at the beginning.

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Sami Serola
Sami Serola
OK, see you around then. Have a nice weekend.
3 years ago.
Lida Del Monte
Lida Del Monte
Yeah..more or less....cheers!
3 years ago. Edited 3 years ago.
Sami Serola
Sami Serola
Cheers! Here to stay?
3 years ago.

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