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Anne Seltmann
Anne Seltmann
Einfach mal Hallo!
8 years ago.
Thank you for registering in the group of the greek islands and for adding ur wonderful photos..Warm greetings from Greece Evan
8 years ago.
Tom Kindermann
Tom Kindermann
Vielen dank für deinen besuch !
gruß zurück aus berlin
8 years ago.
Gruesse aus Griechenland mein Freund..Evan
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8 years ago.
hello kellor
I am happy to advise that you are the 100th member of our group, enchanted forest.
so you win the prize!
you will be notified by our prize distribution committee in the very near future
about how you can pick it up.
that is, once the committee figures out what the prize is.
which will be right after the committee is, you know,
but, hey! you are the 100th member!
they can never take that away from you!
(I hope)
you can tell your grandchildren about it!
if you feel like it, of course.
I can hear the accolades now!
oh, wait, they're for someone else
sorry, wrong parade.

but we are happy to have you, nonetheless.
no matter what you may hear about us,
we still have no criminal record.
none at all, I am proud to say. ;-)
so far, everything has been completely deniable.
you may rest assured of that.

so welcome again.
have a great time.
enjoy the moment.
bask in the glory.

at least, while you can.
8 years ago.

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