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Place of residence: Oxford, United Kingdom

46 years old. Born on December 12, 1970.

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♫ Hans-Joachim Ortolf ♫
♫ Hans-Joachim Ortol…
Hello Kal! Since one year I am member of Ipernity and enjoy to see your site, fotos and blogs but also your visits :-) , comments and stars and thank you very much for all this. Its very nice to get to know and to share something about us this way. So, I wish us another year with interesting exchange.
7 years ago.
Siebbi has replied to Kal
Man, I know exactly what you mean! ;-) The difficult situation is that we have to return to the computer screen to process and show the pictures.
8 years ago.
Kal has replied to Siebbi
Thanks Siebbi! I hope to get out away from this computer screen some time soon :-)
8 years ago.
I found a lot of nice atmospheric shot as well as beautiful close ups in your stream. I'm looking forward for new pictures.
8 years ago.
I like your night shots, great pictures!
9 years ago.

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