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Lock / Kukatha Dam, album created on January  3, 2018

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Eyre Peninsula, album created on April  2, 2017

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Remnant Scrub Block, album created on August 25, 2013

I live here, on a small patch of scrub in the Adelaide Hills district of South Australia. Because of its shape and the general "poorness" of it (dry and exposed), the ridge it occupies above Aldgate Creek was not considered worth fencing for grazing. As a direct result, it retains much of the original vegetation. It has also seemed by passers by and neighbours to be "vacant" and has been used by dog lovers as a place for running a…

When trees fall down :)IMG 8036

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Greetings and AWOL from me (too) - 14 months ago

oh gosh ... it's been YEARS :( This new year will see lots of changes for me, with two of the younger grandchildren beginning school and the toddler two now "grownup" little children ... and my own involvement will be regular, but not so intense. It has been a huge 5 years, and a real honour to have been included in all their lives, including the elder two now in their teens, but am looking forward to stepping back just a bit. A while ago I upgraded my camera, but it was constantly needing repair and in the last year reached the point of needing to be rebooted after every shot ... so I gave up. Now though, after deciding not to spend outrageous sums getting the old (new) one fixed (with a limited warranty) for what is apparently an engineering or design problem, I am the very thrilled owner of a new camera and learning its ropes. When at home my internet is very slow, but for this week in South Australia's bush, it is speedy quick and I am LOVING being able to catch up a bit. I send my greetings and best wishes for a fresh new year on every possible front. Judith

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After Many hiccups I am back to ipernity but really struggling with transferring pics from flickr ... if anyone can popint me to up-to-date instructions I would be very grateful.
I used to be able to do it very simply, but my try,try, try again is NOT working
11 days ago.
Thank you Rrrolf (and yes, it is. My children gave it to me as a gift ... :)
22 months ago.
I like your pictures of australian birds and your avatar. Is it drawn by Michael Leunig?
Greetings from Hamburg.
22 months ago. Edited 22 months ago.
Diana Australis
Diana Australis
Thanks for the kind message, Judith. We are in fact in Summertown just now, safe and well..."unlike so many others in the Himalaya at present. Thoughts are with them! Have a lovely week!
3 years ago.
Gosh, I have been away a long time.
It's been a testing time on a few fronts, but feel I am back in the land of the living again.
(No, that doesn't mean I have been very unwell, just not "up to speed")

The rain alone has lifted my spirits!

Thank you to all who have popped in; I am looking forward to catching up again.
My regards to you all.
3 years ago.

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