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Juxtaposition - 10 years ago

Hello all. It has been about a month. I will be quite slow posting for the next few months as I am finally finishing my masters by student teaching (meaning I have no life. Correction, teaching is my life). Anyway, the weekend before I started, I was given a new camera. It is wonderful, and I am shooting almost every day, however, I am spending so much time working on my computer posting is difficult. Here are a few shots I have taken recently. Many in Manchester, but some hiking in the…

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Roberto Ballerini - traveling MjYj Lea d'ipernity


Hey everyone. Thank you for the visits. I just finally figured out how to export correctly so, there will be updates. Stay tuned.

8 years ago.
jrothritchie has replied to Roberto Ballerini -…
Thank you.
10 years ago.
Roberto Ballerini - traveling
Roberto Ballerini -…
A late happy birthday to you
10 years ago.
You are welcome. Your pictures are incredible.
11 years ago.
Very nice pictures of waves and beaches!
Thanks for them!
11 years ago.

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