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Updated on: May  1, 2010.
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5 clicks to post a photo into a group! 5 Clicks um ein Bild in eine Gr… - 12 years ago

How many clicks do you need to post a pictures in one of your groups? My groups a now separated in 4 column and in worst-case I have to click on all 4 column to post a picture in a group who is sorted in the last column. 1. Click: add to group 2. Click: second column of the groups 3. Click: third column of the groups 4. Click: fourth column of the groups 5. Click: choose the right group to post Ready! Is this really good Usability? Is the…

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10 years ago.
Thanks for the visit and the suggested group!
12 years ago.
 josepina EPHEMERE
josepina EPHEMERE
12 years ago.
honeyj club
ciao josepina
thanks for adding me
I love your fotos.
see you later.
12 years ago.
 Agatha Savoie
Agatha Savoie club
Merci josepina de m'inviter dans ton groupe Fluch ..
12 years ago.