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New England, album created on September 16, 2007

The beauty of New England in all seasons. A work in progress...

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"New England by the Sea" - 10 years ago

Just published my new 2010 calendar "New England by the Sea" ars/3810955-10-new-england-by-the-sea

  • Ice Storm

    - December 17, 2008
    Well finally after about 5 days with no internet, no TV, no hot water...UGH! Just a lot of candles, takeout food, and triple layered clothing. I got it back tonight!! YIPPIEEEYAHHHHOOOO! This has been one of the worst ice storms in New Hampshire's history and many are still without power. Though I really didn't get a chance to take any shots, the one of the truck covered by the tree branch was taken the next morning and was only about 3 parking spaces from my car. The other two images of the surrounding areas I got off the internet.

  • Ohhhhh Obama.....

    - November  5, 2008
    It's's over....and I have a major headache.... Obama has been elected the next president of the United States....and to think we lost the House and Senate as well...ohhhhh...I think its turning into a migraine. It may take some time for me to recover from my disappointment in the majority of the american people that voted for him, but what's done is done. I'm a big believer in things happening for a reason, so I really do hope and pray he will do the best he can to serve our country over the next 4 yrs. In a case like this, I would love to be proved wrong, but only time will tell. Yes senator, "Change has come to America".

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 u Stanisława! Saluton ĉe Stanislao!
u Stanisława! Saluto…
Good bless America! Good bless Romney!
7 years ago.
 Kostas Sidiropoulos
Kostas Sidiropoulos
Merry Christmas and happy new year.
Regards from Thessaloniki.
8 years ago.
 u Stanisława! Saluton ĉe Stanislao!
u Stanisława! Saluto…
Hi JO! Best regards from Poland!
8 years ago.
 Sherry ~ Rebujito
Sherry ~ Rebujito
hey girly how are ya? xo
8 years ago.
 Sherry ~ Rebujito
Sherry ~ Rebujito
Hey purdy girl how are you????
hope 2011 is treating you well!!!! xoxoxo
8 years ago.

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