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great photos from my contacts / 07-09-2007: franck - a smile?… - 8 years ago

a portrait with lots of character - a man with sunglasses in front of a cloudy sky (?) - his face is distorted, because the camera was very close to him - his chin is big, his forehead small - he looks uninterested, maybe a little agressive - his scarred face enhances his "toughness" - his sunglasses are lopsided, there is a reflection of something in one glass - the title is very appropiate to the image - the brownish tint of the monochrome photo is just perfect - this is a wonderful image

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Maria Ismanah
Maria Ismanah
♥♥♥☆☼○ ° ★ °☆°♥ °☆☼♥ ○ ° ★☼♥♥♥
☼♥☼ A light filled happy 2014! ☼♥ ☼ 
°☆♥☼ ★☼ °☆° ♥♥°☆ ○♥° ♥★ °♥☆♥°☼
2 years ago.
Piri & Picchio (Antonio Zerbo & Francesco Ferrara)
Piri & Picchio (Anto…
Le tue immagini contengono una magia spettacolare!
3 years ago.
Jean-pierre Dujardin
Jean-pierre Dujardin
une belle ballade dans cette espace photos que j'ai apprécié...du bon eu beau travail*****
7 years ago.
Roberto Ballerini - traveling
Roberto Ballerini -…
Happy to see you back ;-)
7 years ago.
outstanding and beautiful work
7 years ago.

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