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Updated on: February 16, 2009.

Ice Climbing - Ontario, album created on February 16, 2009

Ice Climbing in Ontario, Jan 31st and Feb 1st, 2009 - Montreal River Harbour area.

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Rock climbing season and I can't climb... - 11 years ago

Surgery was February 14th.  Doctors tell me 6 months to a year before I'm fully healed.  Six months to a year before I can start climbing again.  Really sucks. I'm not going to start doing things before they tell me I can.  I never want to have to go through what I just have.  I herniated the L5-S1 disc at the end of November.  My back got worse, then better, then worse.  Saw my doctor early January, he prescribed physical therapy.  After 4 sessions of P.T. the therapist said there was nothin…

  • Back to work...

    - April  4, 2008
    Well, I'm now back to work, part time.  It's different/strange being around people all the time again.  But, it's also good. Still taking a nerve deadener and a muscle relaxant and I have to keep an eye on my back for inflammation and ice my back if I notice swelling.  Still, it's good to be out of the house again.  

  • Herniated Disc...

    - March 18, 2008
    Sorry I haven't been active here in quite a while.  I'm recovering from back surgery to correct a severely herniated disc in my back.  Lots of laying.  Lots of standing.  Very little sitting. Hope you're all doing well. -John

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♪ ♫ Thank you for your visit and best regards from Switzerland sends Zato! ♪ ♫
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 Marie Bonheur
Marie Bonheur
Bonjour... vas-tu revenir ou viens - tu comme un oiseau qui repart?
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Bonjour...contente de ton retour!
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Marie Bonheur
As-tu fais d'autres photos, celles si sont si belles!
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Marie Bonheur
Bonjour de France où il fait bien frois en ce moment
8 years ago.

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