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Updated on: December  2, 2013.

Sweden, spring 2011, album created on May  1, 2011

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Dogs, album created on April 17, 2009

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Nature, trees and flowers, album created on March  3, 2009

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No smoking! - 5 years ago

I have done something that I am quite proud of. I QUIT smoking!! I never thought that would happen, but here it is. After 40 years of this (terrible) habit, that I love so much, I decided to stop. It was after a talk with a friend that stopped 11 years ago. She told me that after quitting you feel better, just small things that you think is a part of life. And now after a month (I stopped the 1 of april) I actually feel better. Less ache in my body :-) It is not easy, and I cant have cigarrett…

Home & around, album created on September 10, 2007

Some pictures from the summer that is about to end

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Ingela Bitton
Ingela Bitton has replied to Pierrick
And to you too! How are you? And where? Spain? France?
2 years ago.
Happy new year Ingela !!!!!
2 years ago.
Sylvie Coeffic
Sylvie Coeffic

3 years ago.
Good morning Ingela !!!!!!
3 years ago.
Thanks for your visit !!!! have a nice day ,Ingela!!!!
3 years ago.

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