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Updated on: September  6, 2016.

Bonkers, album created on September 16, 2007

cow grazing man relaxing cow grazing man relaxing

Tribute to Bonk Inc. Who make machines that don't work, Instruments that don't play and adverts for products that don't exist


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Do you wanna dance - 5 years ago

This is for season 66 of the Ukulele- Theme: The Ramones. The Ramones covered this Beach Boy song, but since I slept through the punk era I have decided to transpose it to use 7th chords instead of major and do the song as a slow blues. Serves them right.

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JoHnny Haddo
JoHnny Haddo
G'day Wee-Man..hope ya in the pink..??
been away ~
6 years ago.
JoHnny Haddo
JoHnny Haddo Gran told me the English poison the water _ Jocky WilSon suz...hahaHa
6 years ago.
JoHnny Haddo
JoHnny Haddo
hiya m8..good stuff , thx for leading the horse to water..have ya got a ;google+' account..??
6 years ago.
mild at heart
mild at heart
love your winterwonderland!
6 years ago.

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