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Updated on: July 13, 2009.

Beijing Zoo, album created on August 29, 2008

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静静, album created on August 28, 2008

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想要的很多很多 - 7 years ago

自己不够好 很不好..... 这几天很疼很疼 不停的流血 指甲都快掉了 生活的琐碎不能想象.............

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Weilin Gong
Weilin Gong
6 years ago.
Janick Delannoy
Janick Delannoy
Juste un petit bonjour ! !

De très belle continuation photographique ! !

Amitié, Janick
8 years ago.
Rua de Saragoça
Rua de Saragoça
hello, sorry for the delate.

Let me wish you a sunny and hppy new year 2009!!!

Be happy and see u soon;)

8 years ago.
bembel ::BK::
bembel ::BK::
Merry Christmas - 圣诞快乐 - Frohes Fest
圣诞快乐 - Merry Christmas - Frohes Fest
best wishes :-)
8 years ago.
静静 has replied to Fred
Nice to meet you:)
8 years ago.

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