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Updated on: August 14, 2013.

Ratha Yatra 2013 in Los Angeles / Venice Beach, album created on August 14, 2013

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Ball-jointed dolls, album created on May 23, 2013

Photos of my BJDs. Below they are listed with stats/details, mostly in the order they came to me: Theda Fae: Angel Fantasy (AF) BB elf Koli (yosd) (wings from bambicrony); face-up by AF Arrived May 29, 2007 Elodie Star: Doll Soom Gem Kyrie (sd); face-up by Studio404 (me) Arrived December 9, 2007 Anatole: Lati Green Grown-up Lea special ver. tan skin; face-up by lati Arrived April 23, 2008 Prince Amari: Lati Yellow Miel ws (white skin); face-up by lati Arrived May 27, 2008 Cheshire (aka Che…

Hare Krishna!, album created on May 23, 2013

Photos from temples I have visited (usually ISKCON), and festivals ^__^ And any pictures related to Lord Sri Krsna and His devotees!

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