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Updated on: July  1, 2011.

la mémoire, album created on August 19, 2007

the memory, fading

now, album created on August  3, 2007

a paradox

dreamscapes, album created on June 28, 2007

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frzw has replied to Mathilda la Mouette
4 years ago.
adore your works.
4 years ago.
Vrolijk Pasen
5 years ago.
Siegfried Vogel
Siegfried Vogel
Dear frzw,
just don't forget to post something here from time to time. :)
Much appreciated.
6 years ago.
Johnny Stompanato
Johnny Stompanato
You're one of my first contacts here on ipernity. Whenever I return to you I am awed. But seldom I leave a comment. Because your work doesn't need no words. You're a magician.
6 years ago.

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