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Updated on: June  2, 2008.

Bushido bei Schlegl []

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Tutorial #2: How to protect your (video-)camera from wind? - 11 years ago

It's to simple not to do it. Do you know the moment of the truth: You're watching holiday-video recordings for the first time and there it is: wind. It sounds like gale, storm, hurricane or whatever. Let's get a windbreak like the guys on television have one. My personal problem is: I do not have a external microphone to use with my camcorder (Panasonic MV-DS29). Its mic is internal. I've found a producer of windbreak-systems which fits my cam. The deal: about…

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Thomas Arend aka Byggvir
Thomas Arend aka Byg…

Herzlichen Glückwunsch und alles Gute zum Geburtstag.
11 years ago.
habe es gefunden, leider plastik, leider holsten, aber dafür kalt :)
11 years ago.

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