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Updated on: November 23, 2012.

My usa-pictures., album created on September 30, 2012

California USA 1948. This summer I had the amazing opportunity to take the photos that I liked.

Camera Stuff, album created on September 30, 2012

I just got a Graflex Super Speed Graphic from the auction site and it's a really impressive bit of work. Maybe it's not a Linhof, but it's lighter, cheaper by far, takes any lens that the Linhof will, and the build quality & engineering is wonderful. Has a revolving back, coupled rangefinder w/ combined single viewfinder/rangefinder, front rise & tilts (even downward tilt w/o needing to drop the front bed), excellent high quality metal construction, front swing, replaceable cams for the rangefin…

Captured Memories, album created on September 27, 2012

My head contains a wild collection of memories - real, fictional or adapted - that are welded together into a new story. I hope to brings together the stories of One Old Man's time behind a film camera, an show you some of my personal still photos taken over 40 years in the film industry.

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Famous Artists Corporation - 4 years ago

Sometime in 1948 an agent called me. He introduced himself, said he represented Famous Artists Corporation, a medium-sized, but very exclusive, agency that was extremely particular about whom it represented. No featured players, only stars and big directors. The agency was owned by Charles K. Feldman, considered on a par with Lew Wasserman as a great agent and creative thinker. He also produced a few pictures now and then. Much of his power derived from lengthy and close friendships with Darryl…

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