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50 years old. Born on May  1, 1968.

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Jean Jacques Castex Lea d'ipernity


Les meilleures salutations de la Suisse envoie Zato
9 years ago.
Elliott Mercer
Elliott Mercer
In my work I like the process and the discovery of making my images which never fails to surprise me. Generally I have never been able to separate every day life and my art. I like to work with oil paint, resins,wax,and clear plastics.My work is abstract,my influences can be accidental forms that trigger some sort of memory that I have had in the past. Often when I work I start with shapes and then try to loose those forms and then that transforms other perspectives and depths within the painting. The work is led by instinct ,I allow something to happen without thinking about its limits. As a result spontaneous connections arise mimicking the tapestries of nature e.g rain ,forest ,figures,mist.
10 years ago.

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