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Muhammad Naeem Javaid
Muhammad Naeem Javai…
Respected Ela,
Thanks alot for your visit.I love your beutiful city.If you know Esperanto Language then you can understand that lot of people in your country know this International Language.I visited here my good friend in SHIRAZ.His name is Mr.Ebrahim samanipur.
He showed me the beautiful palace of Khusro Parwaiz and we also visited historical PERSIPULS.Realy amazing.
All amaizing.
I still remember the taste of CHELO KEBAB!!!
Now I finish and hoping you very nice weekend.
Kheyli Mamnoonam,
7 years ago.
Omid Ghahreman
Omid Ghahreman
In twenty years you'll look back at photos of yourself and recall in a way you can't grasp now how much possibility lay before you and how fabulous you really looked. (Mary Schmich)
7 years ago.
Kostas Sidiropoulos
Kostas Sidiropoulos
Shiraz is a very beautiful town,lucky to be there.
7 years ago.
Ela has replied to Kostas Sidiropoulos
Good to hear that from you Kostas... Just so u know,U are always welcome here : )
7 years ago. Edited 7 years ago.
Kostas Sidiropoulos
Kostas Sidiropoulos
Thank you too much,you may come to Greece with your family too,May-15 of July or Sep are the perfect time.Avoid Aug due to heavy tourist season.
Have a nice weekend.
7 years ago.

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