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The comment to which the link refers to has been deleted.
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Rita Guimaraes
Rita Guimaraes
Thank you very much for your invitation.
You´re welcome among my contacts on Ipernity.
I see your gallery and you have beautiful pictures.
I´ll be back to see them.
Hugs from Brasil.
5 years ago.
Rita Guimaraes
Rita Guimaraes
An artist.
5 years ago.
Biscotte.....Impertinente !
merci de ta visite. Une galerie très humaine chez toi ! bravo
4 years ago.
Many thanks for the visits and the overly generous comment. You're doing some dandy work here, too!
3 years ago.
My Awake Gottica (m.a.g)
My Awake Gottica (m.…
Merry Christmas Duncan :)
3 years ago.

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