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♥  Di-Fi ♥
♥ Di-Fi ♥ has replied to Dave Loudon
Hiya Dave, am afraid av got rather lazy with my camera for a while now, but fully intend to get back into it. The last 6 months or so have been pretty rubbish for me, but its a new year now, time to get things back on track. I have a broken arm at the moment so won't be doing anything adventurous anytime soon though.
6 years ago.
Dave Loudon
Dave Loudon
Hi. How are you? Loving some of your macro shots.
7 years ago.
Nico Worm
Nico Worm
Dear Di-Fi,

thx for the visit & the birthday wishes!
8 years ago.
Thanks, Di, for your visit and nice comments. You have many amazing photos. I will enjoy delving into your rather large collection. I love your country and it's very rich history. (I have a chess set that depicts Sterling Castle and the Battle of Bannochburn).
8 years ago.
Da Robert
Da Robert
nice pics you have ;)
8 years ago.

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