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Updated on: September 16, 2008.

Captured Palestinian Prisoners

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RIM BANNA ,ريم بنا تغني لفلسطين - 9 years ago

,ريم بنا نحن الأشجار والأحجار والأزهار والعطر المقاتل ،أحلامنا تدب على الأرض راقصة وأقدامنا من شعاع الشمس تغرف المداد .. ونسورنا تحتل صفحتها السماء .. نحن الأنفاس المكافحة .. نحن الدرب نحن ثورة الفقراء ... who can translate please? what we can DO NOW

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Hi Elisa
I hope all is well with you and yours.
Thanks for your message.
We are fine and a long way from the disaster area and upwind from the damaged nuke stations.
7 years ago.
Welcome my the groupe "Grand Peintres de toujours", Davinca !

« Bienvenue sur ipernity ! »
9 years ago.
Elisa... all the best to you and yours (and the rest of us) for the coming year. :)
9 years ago.
Hoping you are enjoying what you are doing, and wishing you strength for a good year!
10 years ago.
Aref Nammari (goplayer)
Aref Nammari (goplay…
Welcome. I missed all my friends and am very happy to find you here.
11 years ago.

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