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Work, album created on December 29, 2010

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Summer 2010, album created on December 29, 2010

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Paris - March 2010, album created on March  8, 2010

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Sweet Peas - 7 years ago

You always sprayed a whif of Sweet Peas onto your wrists when you got into the car. It came from a porcelain sprayer, with a golden cap. When I was very little, I always imagined the Sweet Pea smell to fly over your seat onto me. I was scared that I would be called names for smelling like Sweet Peas. But I never did get called Sweet Pea. When we secretely went to Kentucky Fried Chicken on Thursday afternoons, after piano lessons, you used to spray the Sweet Peas when we got out of the car, so…

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♫ Hans-Joachim Ortolf ♫
♫ Hans-Joachim Ortol…
Hello Zak! Since one year I am member of Ipernity and enjoy to see your site, fotos and blogs but also your visits :-) , comments and stars and thank you very much for all this. Its very nice to get to know and to share something about us this way. So, I wish us another year with interesting exchange.
7 years ago.
Christophe MARTINEZ
Christophe MARTINEZ
we were in san fransciso last years during 3 weeks, it was marvellous ! i love san francisco ; thank for these good pictures.
8 years ago.
Die besten Grüsse aus der Schweiz sendet Zato !
8 years ago.
Zak has replied to Tom
and I always thought cologne is something to cover up stink...?
9 years ago.
Welcome to Cologne... City of Toiletceilings ;)))
9 years ago.

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