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Updated on: October 29, 2014.

Jim's Lake, Pontiac, Quebec, album created on August  4, 2014

August 2nd I drove up to Jim's Lake, Pontiac County, Quebec to play guitar and Caricature. Went off the road at 1:30am coming back home. Stuck my van up on a rocky knoll that preceded the ditch !! Had to Tow Truck my van back on the road in the morning !!

Man's TOYS !!, album created on July 30, 2014

Great Lawn Ornaments !! ha! The 1949 Ford was bought for $14000 and the Harley Davidson is for Sale at $8,500.

Luskville,Pontiac Quebec, album created on July 29, 2014

While working with my firend and preparing the Motor Home for the road, I took these pictures of a Baby Shower and some pretty lawn ornaments at his home. It was a busy week !

"Shadow's" Dip, June 2nd,2014

Coolest dog I ever had !! Love him !! - See all videos

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It is a blessing of life to be in Contact here on Ipernity with such an excellent collection of Creative People !! I send all that drop by my site, a Warm Greeting from my Studio in Quebec Canada and a tip of the hat to all your efforts to make this a better world with your Art !! ~~ Jack
7 weeks ago.
Rita Guimaraes
Rita Guimaraes
Thank you for the invitation.
It's my pleasure to have you among my Ipernity contacts.
Hugs from Brasil.
7 months ago.
Miz Dee
Miz Dee
Thanks for your visit...nice writing and following someone closer to my 81 years...We see the world from a different perspective..ha!
8 months ago.
Thank you for adding me to your contacts. Highly appreciate it :-)
Greetings from Bergen, Norway.
8 months ago.
Colette NoËl
Colette NoËl
Hi, John !
Just a little word to say hello and wish you a wonderful weekend !
9 months ago.


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