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Updated on: January 18, 2008.

Graffiti Removers, album created on January 18, 2008

Going to the post office one afternoon and came across these two guys working for the council, removing vandalism and graffiti from these garages on Garthdee Drive. Fine lads like, they didn't mind me taking some photographs. Never knew Aberdeen had a graffiti removal team, the guy Raymond told me that they remove some pretty interesting stuff around the city and showed me some of his photographs on his camera. They use various chemicals and scourers and other scrubbers to remove the pai…

Stirling, album created on December 11, 2007

I was down visiting my mate Craig who study's there. He stays on campus, surrounded by hills, lochs and loads of wildlife; it is definitely the best university campus in Scotland. One of my favourite places too. Good craic near the summer.

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newLook - 10 years ago

This is my first post on my blog thing. Just started using Ipernity a couple of days ago, it’s amazing even just how lost I get sometimes… thankfully that ‘My Space’ button takes me back home. So far it seems great and I’m still constantly discovering more features and cool stuff. I have a flickr but I like the opportunity this site gives us to upload and share other forms of media, and personalise and network more. These are real cool things about it! I made a group yesterday morning…

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