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The Origin of 'Corelogik' - 4 years ago

I got my first computer in late 1991 and began learning how to work on them, repair them and use them etc,.. In 1994 I joined the internet age by signing up for AoL. Well I was getting deeper and deeper into computers too and the core of of any computer is it's "Corelogic chipset". This used to consist of a "northbridge" chip to connect the memory and BIOS to the CPU and a "southbridge" chip to connect the PCI bus to it. Since the "Corelogic" chipset was the basis of any and all computers, an…

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44 years old. Born on January  1, 1973.

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♫ The best greetings from Switzerland sends Zato! ♪ ♫
4 years ago.
mimisuco...trés trés absent
mimisuco...trés trés…
I have been at Flickr (mamasuco)
4 years ago.
Thanks for stopping by Karen. Glad you could make it over.
4 years ago.
I'm happy to make new contacts here from Flickr. I really like your article and agree that Ipernity is a lovely place that is easy on the eyes and very welcoming.
4 years ago.

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