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Belle fin de semaine mon amie !Le Sapin Bleu….
12 days ago.
José Bernardo
José Bernardo
My lovely and dear friend Christiane today I want to give you:

I want to give you Friendship, so that when your soul yearns for a friend, without thinking to look for it, and that someone runs to your side

Smiles, in order that when your tears slip after the waterfall of your cheek in a gray day, they are the laughs those that illuminate your sadness’s.

Big dreams, in order that when in your mind an emptiness exists, they are those covered winter forests those that catch the attention of your thought.

A branch of embraces, in order that when the stumbles impede you to walk, they are the spirits a hope that they help you to continue.

A young star, in order that whenever the Sun rests, it is this faithful light the one that accompanies you.

Have a wonderful Valentine's Day. With much affection from your friend Josè Bernardo
9 days ago.
Bonne Saint-Valentin ♥♥♥,
Bonne fête à tous les amoureux... du monde....!
8 days ago.
José Bernardo
José Bernardo
True friendships are people who are with us forever. Looking for ways to make us smile, support and more. You are my best friend, my lovely Christiane. Happy Valentines Day. A hug from your friend Josè Bernardo.
7 days ago.
Edward Bowthorpe
Edward Bowthorpe
Hi Christiane,Thank you so much for your lovely message,you are very kind.The weather is mild but wet over here.I am having our garden revamp soon,i do find it can be a bit to much at times so I am having part of it slab and part gravel.I will keep most of my roses but will move some and also have tubs around the garden with flowers in.I hope that you have a wonderful week my dear friend,do take care,your friend eddie,xx
41 hours ago.