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Hi Stiletto,
so much things to do ... so little time.
I would like to post more pictures but at the moment I'm not able to do so :(

As I heard you have been to Germany, how did you like it there?
Needless to say that I read your entry about f... and ipernity. Actually I read it last week but didn't find the time to write this reply.

Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by :)
10 years ago.
Stiletto has replied to catman
Uploaded a couple of photos, I see!
That Ridgeback reunion must've been fun. :-)

Germany was great; I "saw" Frankfurt, the motor show I really enjoy, I got to see Heidelberg, a bit of the Rhine and was in the Black Forest also - all beautiful and seen too briefly for my taste, but now I know what I want to return to. :-)
10 years ago.
Greetings from Switzerland! - Z@to
9 years ago.
Bärbel Nickel
Bärbel Nickel
Tolle Hundebilder hast Du. Ich besuche Dich gerne wieder.
7 years ago.
catman has replied to Bärbel Nickel
Vielen Dank :)
Hier tut sich in Richtung Hundebilder aber nicht mehr viel. Umgani hat eine eigene Website und dort sind die aktuellen Photos zu sehen.
7 years ago.

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