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Avast Anti Virus Blocks Legit Sites - 4 years ago

Last night I went on a search for a legit file to download via torrent. I found it, but, every time I went to a site to download the torrent file Avast screamed at me that it had blocked a threat. Today I investigated it further to find out what was happening and had a surprise. There is a function in Avast and other AV applications called Network Shield that will detect attempts to go to a site with a reputation for malware. In the past it has never blocked torrent sites, but, since a recent…

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Canopus Archives
Canopus Archives
Has anyone noticed how the browser does not seem to be able to do spell check as you write in your Blog? It works in notes here, but, in a Blog you have to use their spell check after you've written the Blog and before posting it. That wouldn't be so bad except for not being able to add words to a custom dictionary which is important with spell check.
4 years ago.
Lady Star
Lady Star
Thanks for visiting my site. I, like you, am fairly new to Ipernity. Come to my site again, Have a great day.
4 years ago.

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