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Greats landed last week and wehad a ball - 2 years ago

MY Great Grandchildren wer ehere with us fo rover a week.its so differentwith them moved.I just had fel tso happy in our new house and then they came after not seeing them in three weeks,the y were with me for three years,shorta week! anyway,we totally had fun.We changed back to comcast we were trying to find shows for them and just fixing favorite food and snacks and I did get new photos.I cryed two three hours alone when they were on their way back where Heather moved in the Country. anyway…

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Maria Percheiro
Maria Percheiro
My dear friend
It is very dear my friend you are of the few here to whom I write, I do not know if you will continue know? This here is very complicated, and it bothers me, that you have a beautiful day, my friend's kisses from Mary
2 days ago.
Maria Percheiro
Maria Percheiro
Linda amiga bom sabado beijos
6 days ago.
Maria Percheiro
Maria Percheiro
Bom sabado querida amiga Nany
Image du Blog
13 days ago.
Maria Percheiro
Maria Percheiro
Beijinhos de boa noite amiga!
3 weeks ago.
Maria Percheiro
Maria Percheiro
Beijinhos amiga
Image du Blog
4 weeks ago.