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Updated on: December 12, 2009.

This is why i love Japan! XD

Japan is amazing and so are these little guys. They are emoticon cell phone charms and the story behind them is that they are otaku (kind of like a super nerd) who travel to the mecca of nerdiness.... Akihabara, Tokyo! - See all videos
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Ever look back at your photostream and say "what was i thinking?!" - 9 years ago

 so, as i continue to push myself as a photographer and continue to strive to get better, every once in a while i look back at some of the stuff i did, to the very beginning and think to myself, "hey, i think i've come pretty far and done a good job!"... though for me at this point it's kind of turned into, "ew! what was i thinking posting that! it's terrible!"... i suppose it's tru that photographers are their own worst critics and i suppose it comes and goes in waves but i suppose lately i jus…

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Paŭl Zhang Xuesong (雪松) Ulrich anaïs Marcel Peter Ka josie soho® Roberto Ballerini - traveling cheekybugger Frall Henri Banks ojisanjake Farawé Fred Of Paris Sophie@ipernity Sol Lang Spectacles Ricarda Jan Popelka enderXen raf Seelview Christian Jo Chen thekatsous Lodchjo - Lxxx Photography FedeToth Lea d'ipernity

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Attilio Liotto
Attilio Liotto
Estas nun naskiĝanta LIDEPLA, la prototipo de la futura lingvo de la mondo.
Helpu kultivi ĝin per viaj preferataj vortoj, esprimoj, kritiko
3 years ago.
Attilio Liotto
Attilio Liotto
Bonajn fin-jarajn festojn kaj prosperan jaron 2011!

La suba ligilo aŭdigas ĝojan fin-jaran kanton!
6 years ago.
Attilio Liotto
Attilio Liotto
Estimata ret-amiko,
ĉu vi opinias ke nova internacia planlingvo bezonatas?
Por respondi al ĉi demando klaku la sekvan ligilon!
Via respondo estos tre aprecata, sendepene ĉu favoral aŭ kontraŭ
Sinceran dankon!
Attilio Liotto
7 years ago.
Ida Paris
Ida Paris
I love Japan...
9 years ago.
bishop has replied to Granddesign
thank u!! XD
9 years ago.

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