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Updated on: May 13, 2020.

Mes chevaux / My horses, album created on January 10, 2019

Mes chevaux de trait adoptés pour qu'ils ne partent pas à l'abattoir. My draft horses adopted so they wouldn't go to the slaughterhouse.

Brumes et brouillard / Mist and fog, album created on January  4, 2019

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Couleur Hiver / Winter color ☃, album created on December 27, 2017

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La vache qui chante / The singing cow

JE VOUS RASSURE, ELLE RIT AUSSI ! I REASSURE YOU, SHE'S LAUGHING TOO ! Désolée Marie-claire, je n'ai pas pu la proposer pour ton groupe "mammifères"... il ne doit sans doute pas accepter les vidéos! Snif! - See all videos
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I got this email from Pam: APOINTMENT WITH DoctoR CHEEMA AND PLAN FOR TREATMENT just back from hat now 25 October 2018 Treatment Options: No Treatment -surgery Not an Option 1) Surgery- Remove the AVM. Not Recommended because adjacent brain tissue may be damaged. Also, the nature of the AVM is not a good candidate for surgery, because the arteries are connected to working parts of the brasin he wich he saw this at the time . when he operated to relieve the pressure on m…

  • Good news of Pam/ Bonnes nouvelles de Pam

    - October 13, 2018
    I got an email from Pam who went home! She still has difficulty doing everything but she is saved ! Je viens de recevoir un mail de Pam qui est rentrée chez elle ! Elle a encore des difficultés pour tout faire mais elle est sauvée !

  • des nouvelles de Pam! News of Pam

    - September 14, 2018
    Je viens d'avoir des nouvelles de la part de Marty, une de ses amies sur place, que je vous mets en copié-collé: I have just had the news on behalf of Marty, one of his friends on the spot, whom I put to you copied stuck there: I received only this morning the good news that Pam was able for the first time to respond to commands to wiggle her toes and lift her hand. This is the first sign of real progress on what we hope will be the road to recovery. J'ai reçu seulement ce matin les…

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ça va Betty ? je ne te vois plus ! bonne journée et de gros bisous♫
38 hours ago.
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Joli coquelicot Mesdames*********
Belle semaine mon amie ! ça va ? gros bisous♫
10 days ago.
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bonne journée ma mie toujours très pluvieux ici ! bisous♫
2 weeks ago.
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Toc, toc, toc... contrôle.....!, Knock, knock, knock ... control .....!

Toc, toc, toc... contrôle.....!, Knock, knock, knock ... control .....!
3 weeks ago.
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