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The Dark Side, album created on May 11, 2021

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USA - 1986, album created on December  3, 2020

I visited a symposium in Baton Rouge in 1986 and following I made a roundtrip (alone) over New Orleans, San Francisco, through several National Parks in the West to Phoenix by a rented car, then Chicago, Toronto and New York. All images are scannes slides, taken with a Minolta X700, using mostly Fujichrome100 films. Flying was quite cheap in the US. I had a TWA pass and paid 70 bucks for each domestic flight, independent, how long.

Cuba - 2020, album created on February 28, 2020

In Cuba for the 5th time, maybe the last time. A journey to old and mainly new places, we went from Santiago de Cuba to Baracoa - Moa - Rafael Freyre - Holguin - Manati - Camagüey - Moron - Remedios/Caibarien - Sagua la Grande - Cardenas - Hershey/Camilo Cienfuegos - Havana. Architecture (a lot of Art Deco), sugar mills (mostly abandoned), railway facilities and steam locomotives were the main subjects.

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#allesdichtmachen versus #allenichtganzdicht - 3 weeks ago

Wer die eklige, zynische, spaltende und rechten Verschwörungstheoretikern und Coronaleugnern in die Hand spielende Pseudosatirekunstaktion von etwa 50 selbstverliebten sogenannten Schauspielern verfolgte und diese genauso kontraproduktiv, sinnlos und abstoßend empfindet wie ich, für den sind hier die 50 Darsteller aufgelistet, die ich in Zukunft in Film und Fernsehen meiden werde. Mit Ausnahme von Heike Makatsch, die ihr Video zurückgezogen und sich entschuldigt hat. Und ein Lob (wieder mal) auf…

  • Excellent Photography - Showcase Ipernity

    - March 30, 2021
    Explore the group ► Showcase Ipernity with excellent photos across the Ipernity universe. The group will grow, stay tuned!

  • Georeferencing with GEOSETTER

    - May  5, 2019
    GEOSETTER writes GPS-coordinates in your EXIF-data Geosetter is an easy to use tool for georeferencing your photos, which means writing GPS-coordinates in the EXIF-data. It works from Windows 7 to 10. Internet Explorer or Egde is usually installed with Windows and works in the background to visualize maps in Geosetter, so you have not to care about it and you can use any other browser you want, like Firefox. You can use OSM-map as well as Google Maps to position your photos. Be sure, it’s a pro…

Cuba, album created on April 13, 2008

The last trips with the old Minolta X700 (scanned slides) in 2005 and 2007.

the crazy night flight

and we were NOT drunken!! I apologize for the weak synchronisation (in styrian german and styrian english) and the really bad quality of this very very spontaneous video......... - See all videos

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 Stefani Wehner
Stefani Wehner club
Diese Foto (konnte es nicht hochladen) habe ich fuer Dich gefunden; Habe noch aeltere von 1905 und 1910 von meinem Grossvater der damls schon Rennen fuehr und meiner Grossmutter die eine der ersten Frauen in Deutschland war, die Motorrad fuhr. Werde diese Fotos in den naechsten Tagen abladen.
9 days ago. Edited 9 days ago.
Guydel club
Merci beaucoup pour ta (très) grande visite parmi mes images et la pluie d'étoiles !!! Nos mondes photographiques sont bien différents ... je suis surtout fleurettes et petits oiseaux car je n'ai pas trop la possibilité de voyager ou de voir de grands paysages, mais les monuments, et surtout le "petit" patrimoine, m'intéressent aussi ! Et j'apprécie aussi la qualité de tes photos en général ! Bon week-end de Pâques et amitiés !
6 weeks ago.
dolores666 club
Have a wonderful 2021 Berny.!
4 months ago.
 Alexander Prolygin
Alexander Prolygin club
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !!
Be happy and healthy in 2021 !!
4 months ago.
J.Garcia club
Thanks for your visit and comment, Berny
I like your gallery
10 months ago.

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