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We are a five cat household: Weazie, our male Maine Coon tabby (who just jumped on my lap as I typed that), the ghost of Miss Velcro (aka: Baby Girl), our big black & white girl who crossed the rainbow bridge in 2015, Rupert G. Belvedere, our ginger tabby, Betty Rumble, our train station rescue kitty, a sweet little DSH tabby and Siamese mix, and the newest member of the family, Kimmy, a soft ginger and white short haired female we just adopted. Rupert, Baby Girl, and Kimmy are/were all rescue…

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Getting ready to leave - 4 years ago

It's a sad time for me here at Ipernity. The site will be closing down soon, or will be taken over by this "Membership Association" which I do not like the sound of and I do not trust. It sounds too much like a "Homeowners Association" to me, and I will not be party to one, so I will be leaving if they should take over. What makes it especially difficult for me is that I will be losing all my articles and some irreplacable photos. Despite asking a month ago for a way to download and save m…

  • Where to go?

    - December 18, 2016
    With Ipernity closing down next month I find myself, like I'm sure many of you are, confused and uncertain as to where to go from here. I came from Flickr, the same as so many of you did, and thought I'd found the ideal location, but it seems to be just a brief rest stop, and not an end to the journey. As I see it, my choices are pretty limited now. I can go back to Flickr, which is not even worth consideration as far as I'm concerned. I can switch to Google Photos, if I can ever figure out…

  • Just found out an old friend is terminal...

    - December 29, 2015
    I just found out today that an old friend of mine, just barely 45 years old, is terminal, and not expected to survive much longer. The diagnosis was made August 31st of this year, when my first ship, the first vessel I served aboard in the United States Navy, was striken from the Naval Register, and is awaiting disposal. Let me tell you a little about her, the USS El Paso LKA-117... I was a youngster of just 18 years when I reported aboard her at Pier 5, Norfolk NOB, Norfolk, VA, as her new…

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