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My Hawaii Home, album created on July 15, 2014

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India, album created on July 13, 2014

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France 2012, album created on June 25, 2014

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Jean Pierre G.
Jean Pierre G.
Merci pour votre visite sur mon profil, j'ai été pour ma part tres heureux de voir toutes vos orchidées superbement photographiées.
3 years ago.
♫ Thank you for your visit and the best greetings from Switzerland sends Zato! ♪ ♫
4 years ago.
B.W. Hawaii
B.W. Hawaii
I fully understand your reasons for being out of touch, and did not find it rude in any way. The new format is indeed annoying, and now one has to be paying member to download. I haven't tried to upload yet, but Mr. Scumbeast said that it takes some getting used to. Glad you are back, dear one!
5 years ago.
Miss Magnolia Thunderpussy
Miss Magnolia Thunde…
Thank you ever so much for your concerns regarding my recent "problems" here on Ipernity, I have not been able to reply to your Email until now, and do hope you will not think I was being rude in any way. This new Ipernity format is really annoying me - what do you think?
5 years ago.
Milip Phorris
Milip Phorris
Thank you very much for your great comments.
5 years ago.

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