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Updated on: October 16, 2016.

Toronto Flashback, album created on August 23, 2016

I moved to Toronto in September 1980 to study photography at Ryerson. I lived downtown from 1980-1986 and did some street photography during that time as well as paying portrait and editorial jobs. I grew up in rural Nova Scotia, so living in downtown Toronto was quite a novelty for me. In a sense I was seeing the city with fresh eyes, and from a country perspective. I'm 58 now with many years of experience behind me, but this is how I saw Toronto in my early twenties. These days I live in rur…

Mindscapes - Wish You Were Here, album created on March 27, 2014

These are mindscapes--photos with elements of surrealism. They were inspired by the cover art for Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" and other Hipgnosis creations that I saw as a teenager, before I got interested in photography.

Decisive Content, album created on June  1, 2013

The decisive moment paired with the decisive placement of elements in the frame. I may have coined a phrase...

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Avard Woolaver
Avard Woolaver
Thank you, Brian.
9 months ago.
Brian Russell
Brian Russell
Welcome Avard, to the Film Photography group.
10 months ago.
Saffron Blaze
Saffron Blaze
Thanks for the warm welcome to ipernity!
21 months ago.
Avard Woolaver
Avard Woolaver
Thanks for the visit, Ome. Greetings from (not so scary) Nova Scotia!
2 years ago.
De Ome Bertus Memoires
De Ome Bertus Memoir…
Hi Avard, i have been watching your pictures; phantom road, one lonely boot...... brrr sqeary naberhood.... please be careful out there........
greetings from the Netherlands ....!
2 years ago.

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